Law Firm Legal Aid

Our law firm has been created for Polish citizens who migrated from Poland and who have left behind unresolved legal matters. One may live abroad for years but that will not make any of the issues left at home vanish. It is quite the opposite, these matters can and eventually will destabilize the lives family members often leading to personal tragedies.

Legal Aid in Europe

We provide legal support in achieving optimal and comprehensive solutions. We treat each and every case individually offering extensive experience in consulting and providing legal advice. We cooperate with lawyers and legal advisors in Poland, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and France - all of whom are committed to resolving specific legal problems all the people who had put their trust in us.

Extradition Procedures

Many of our clients have turned to us when their legal situation had taken a turn for the worse. Many cases of arrest or detainment could have been prevented before the authorities of a given country have initialized the extradition process. Nevertheless even in those difficult situations we had managed to secure our clients' wellbeing by providing an effective support.

Experience and confidence

Our lawyer's extensive experience is the guarantee of our services' quality. All you need to do is contact Lex Care Group, state your case, and we will take care of the rest. Each client and each case is approached individually. Our most dedicated lawyers will always be available to assist and advise at any stage of the matter's resolution. Building a relationship based on trust and partnership is especially important to us, this combined with complete confidentiality allows us to represent our clients in a most professional manner.

Information Office

Due to great demand for our services coming from Polish citizens living beyond the borders of their homeland we have opened Information Offices in UK, Ireland, and Northern Ireland. In the nearest future we aim to open Information Offices in Germany, Netherlands and France, which will also help deal with any legal and official matters in the country of our clients' residence.

Help for Poles living abroad

Many people have already put their trust in us. Now, thanks to our help, they lead normal lives without any fear of prosecution domestic or otherwise. Contact us. No legal problem left in Poland will resolve itself on its own. Do not underestimate those problems and do not hesitate to find a solution. Contact Lex Care Group now.